Dear Friends,


I would like to share how positive I am in helping my sister against Lymphoma Cancer, It's been a year now since we started this battle, her 12 chemotherapy sessions which cost us almost thousands of dollars with the support of different people. My sister's last CT Scan revealed that there is a significant change on her condition. We are almost there winning the battle of life and only few cancer cells left thus, she will undergo 50 Sessions of Radiation Therapy which will start on May 24, 2013.

As Part of my campaign and fund raising, I would like to offer my service in Photography for an outdoor or indoor photoshoot. It will include proper posing, styling and we will work together to make your portfolio/photos something that will last forever and will be remembered

Sitting Fee of £50 which is the professional service, unlimited shots for 2 hours and then 1 FREE processed photo of your choice. A Charity Promo for first time clients which is £5 per photo for every picture that you wish to be processed.  This is the cheapest and best deal that you can get in London. 

SAVE A LIFE while remembering your best portraiture in London.

You can visit my sister's site by clicking the Lime green Ribbbon:

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